Church of San Marco

It stands on a little hill at only a short distance from the historical centre of Jesi.
It is thought to have originally been a Benedictine abbey later donated to the Franciscan monks in the second half of the 1200s, who modified both its architectural and decorative design.
The church is structured into 3 naves, with the side aisles lower than the central nave, which is not typical of Franciscan architecture and in fact stands to indicate that the church pre-existed the arrival of the Franciscans.
As for the interior decorations, the church was enriched in the first half of the 1200s with a pictorial cycle of which the only remaining element today is the Crucifixion in the apse, which was painted by the School of Rimini. The rest of the present-day decorations is consequent to restoration works carried out in the mid-1800s by Architect Angelo Angelucci.
Lastly, on the external left-side wall, there is a curious little window and a blind arch indicating the existence of a bell tower in the past.


please call the Carmelite nuns at the Monastery or ring the bell at Costa S. Marco, 11 (building to the right of the church) between 8:30-11am and 3:30-5pm

Church of San Marco
Via S. Marco