Frederick II museum - Stupor Mundi

The museum offers visitors a voyage across time to discover the figure of Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor, who was born in Jesi on 26 December 1194. Located in the historical Palazzo Ghislieri, the museum offers a multimedia, multisensorial itinerary in a scenic setting enabling visitors to live a piece of history that changed the fate of the world.

Palazzo Pianetti Civic Museum

The museums are located in Palazzo Pianetti, the most emblematic example of the 18th century architecture in Jesi. The Palazzo's old stables host the Archaological Museum, which displays a collection of prestigious Roman statues. The bel étage hosts the Picture Gallery and the multicoloured Stucco Gallery, one of the best examples of the Rococo style in Central Italy that stores one of the most treasured collections of ancient art and a large group of works by Lorenzo Lotto, a top artist of the Italian Renaissance. The private apartments were completely refurbished in the 1800s and feature the contemporary art gallery containing the works of important Italian artists like Guttuso and Pistoletto  and of the Jesi-born painters Orfeo Tamburi and Betto Tesei. 

The city walls
The perimeter of the old city walls is 1.5-km long. Built between the 13th and 14th centuries and restructured in the 15th century by Baccio Pontelli, the walls follow the layout of the ancient Roman defensive enclosure and still have all the characteristics of a medieval defensive system: towers, ‘chemin de ronde’ battlements, murder holes and embrasures.