G. B. Pergolesi Theatre

Built on a design by Francesco Maria Ciaraffoni, revised by Cosimo Morelli, the Teatro Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was inaugurated in 1798. Aristocrats from Jesi financed the construction of the theatre: noble families purchased the upper-tier boxes of the theatre to be built, which was named at first "Teatro della Concordia" (Theatre of Harmony). The inner stage-setting design was made by the architect Giovanni Antonio Antolini, whereas the ornamental elements and the paintings were taken care of by Felice Giani and Gaetano Bartolani together with their assistants Francesco Micarelli and Giuseppe Guiducci.

The theatre has an elliptical inner structure and three tiers of boxes as well as a gallery. During the 19th century it underwent many changes: in 1828 the square facing it was arranged, between 1834 and 1837 the theatre was extended and in 1839 the monumental clock donated by Prince Beauharnais after his visit in Jesi was installed on the façade.

In 1850 the painter from Jesi Luigi Mancini made the historic curtain showing the entry of Frederick II in Jesi, where the great Swabian emperor was born in 1194 but never came back. In 1883 the theatre took its final name "Giovanni Battista Pergolesi" after the famous composer born in Jesi in 1710.

The lobby and the foyer contain collections dedicated to the life and works by the two famous composers Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Gaspare Spontini, born in Maiolati in 1774. In 1968 the theatre received recognition as a "Theatre of Tradition", the first in the Marche region and still the only one in an Italian town which is not a provincial capital. Since summer 2005, the Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini has taken over the management of the theatre, organising art events and many other activities in the theatre and considerably developing its artistic and cultural legacy.




from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) by appointment only; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only for groups (reservation required)

Free: children up to the age of 6
Ticket grants access to stalls and foyer
Guided tours for groups (at least 15 people) by appointment only

One ticket to visit 9 museums:
- Palazzo Pianetti Civic Museums
- Printing Museum
- Colocci-Vespucci House Museum
- Old and rare book collection in Palazzo della Signoria
- Frederick II Museum - Stupor Mundi
- Diocesan Museum
- Exhibition Halls of Palazzo Bisaccioni
- Pergolesi and Spontini's Rooms in G.B. Pergolesi Theatre
- Landscape Interpretation Centre and IME experience
Tickets: 15€
Reductions: 10€ (children/young from 6 to 25 years of age, groups of at least 15 people, residents in Jesi)
Families: 30€
Free: children up to the age of 5

G.B. Pergolesi Theatre
Piazza della Repubblica, 9