Valeria Moriconi Studio Theatre

This is the second theatre in the town and it is named after Valeria Moriconi, a great actress from Jesi (1931-2005). Inaugurated in 2002 in the former Chiesa di San Floriano (the other patron of the town), it was born from a design by the architect Italo Rota, who created a sort of contemporary permanent décor inside the old baroque structure of the church, capable of interacting with the period architectural and decorative elements, thus creating a powerfully fascinating environment. There are 200 seats in the stalls of this theatre.

The rooms of the attached convent house the Centro Studi Valeria Moriconi, a sort of museum dedicated to the actress, which contains a rich documentary collection. Photos, pictures, portraits, scenic sketches, posters, costumes, documents and videos outline the personality and life of the actress so dear to Jesi.


temporarily closed

Teatro Studio Valeria Moriconi
Complesso San Floriano - Piazza Federico II, 4