Ripa Bianca Nature Reserve

Located east of the town, the Nature Reserve extends along a portion of the Esino River and holds four natural environments:

  • The fluvial environment with the course of the Esino River;
  • The rural environment with traditional, valley crop cultivation and a teaching farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture;
  • The lacustrine environment with the largest lake-dwelling heron nesting site in the Marche region, easily observable form the bird- watching stations, is certainly the most impressive;
  • The ravine environment, hence the name Ripa Bianca (White Ravine), is situated on the right bank of the Esino River. It is an alternating series of crests and valleys created by water erosion.

The Nature Reserve features numerous thematic paths fitted with interactive information panels and a panoramic viewpoint located above the ravines that help visitors discover the ecological characteristics of the different ecosystems. The park's highlight is a sensorial path that can be walked barefoot, offering a rather unique experience.


Opening hours

January: groups by appointment only
February: Saturday 7.30am-12pm (free); Sunday 10am (guided tour) 3pm-5pm (free)
March: closed
April: closed
May(from 22nd):Monday and Wednesday 3.30pm-6.30pm(free entrance upon prior booking); Friday 9.30am-12.30pm (free entrance upon prior booking); Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm/15.30pm-6.30pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
June: closed on Saturdays; Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm/15.30pm-18.30pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
July: closed on Saturdays; Sunday(until 12th) 9.30am-12.30pm/15.30pm-18.30pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
August: closed
September: closed on Saturdays; Sunday (from 13th) 10am (guided tour) 3.30pm-6.30pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
October: Saturday 7.30am-12pm (free); Sunday 10am (guided tour) 3pm-6pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
November: Saturday 7.30am-12pm (free); Sunday 10am(guided tour) 3pm-5pm (free entrance upon prior booking)
December: groups by appointment only

Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 1st November: 10am-1pm / 3pm-7pm

School groups: from Monday to Saturday by appointment only

Groups: Saturday and Sunday by appointment only, min 10 people (ticket: € 4)

Entrance: free

Ripa Bianca Nature Reserve
Via Ripa Bianca,7 - Jesi