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The Castles of Vallesina Valley

In a gentle hill landscape where the man's action is shown by the geometry of the fields under crop, the neat vegetable gardens and the isolated farmhouses,the villages around Jesi, called “Castelli di Jesi” (Castles of Jesi) stand out because of the towered profile of their walls, which protect an incredible collection of works of art.Every church and every palace retains the traces of a noble pastbeauty of the places, where the beauty of the places matches with the sweetness of living .
The wild armies of the past caused the encastellation of villages which all keep the original structure of the town walls, with the gates, the ramparts and the keeps in defence of villages where the mediaeval structure is still perfectly visible in the streets and houses.
The centuries passing by and the changes in taste slightly affected this original structure through the rationalisation of the architectonic spaces of Renaissance squares, Baroque churches, aristocratic palaces and 18th-century theatres.
Monteroberto San Paolo Di Jesi Staffolo Santa Maria Nuova Jesi Monsano Morro D'Alba San Marcello Belvedere Ostrense Serra De'conti Mergo Serra San Quirico Rosora Montecarotto Poggio San Marcello Castelplanio Castelbellino Maiolati Spontini Cupramontana