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Parks and gardens
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Parks and gardens

Small green oasises in the heart of the town

Are you tired of walking? Do you feel like taking a rest moment? Do your children would like to have fun with some playing facilities? Here are some nice and peaceful parks for you!

In the suburbs

Parco “E.Mattei” (ex Smia area)
Address: Via M. Lenti

Parco del Cannocchiale
Address: Via dell'Agraria

Parco dei cordai (zona Prato)
Address: Via dei Cordai

Area verde Piazza Bramante
Address: Piazza Bramante

Parco “Matteo Ricci”
Address: Via M. Ricci

A few steps away from the historic centre

IThe public gardens, which Jesi’s inhabitants simply call "the Gardens", are the main gardens of the town and extend on both side of viale Cavallotti. This is a shady area planted mainly with evergreen trees such as stone and Aleppo pines.
In the area where the war memorial stands (this is a work made in 1967 by the artist from Jesi Giuseppe Campitelli), there is a booth offering drinks and light refreshments in spring and summer, as well as a multifunctional play area with swing sets and a jungle gym.

Placed on the east side of a slope on the Gorgolungo stream, Parco del Ventaglio is one of the biggest park in the town. The area overlooking via 1° Maggio has a distinctive amphitheatre shape and is the place for concerts and shows in the hot summer nights. With alternating sunny and shady areas, the park has also a play area provided with recreational equipment (entrance from via Ragazzi del '99) and large lawns for outdoor games.

Beneath the walls

Placed in a level area, the park Parco degli Orti Pace offers a wonderful view of the walls and the keep of the Montirozzo. It has an equipped play area and can also be accessed by disabled children. In the park the monument in honour of a Bersagliere, made by Giuseppe Campitelli and erected in 1985, remembers the battle of Montegranale fought in July 1944 for the liberation of Jesi.

Just outside the town walls

The park Parco del Vallato has an equipped play area and can also be accessed by disabled children.

In the heart of the historic centre

Walking along the streets and the lanes of the medieval town centre, you will find several green spots almost hidden among the ochre bricks: Piazza San Sansovino, a square with mighty field maple trees, largo Saponari and the Rincrocca area, which show a charming series of small terraces, piazza Nova, a square overlooked by an imposing cedar tree, and the hidden garden of Palazzo Pianetti Vecchio, which houses at present the Studio per le Arti della Stampa.

Along corso Matteotti, the main street of the historic centre, you can find small "traces of paradise", as they were defined in a book about the gardens and the green areas in the historic centre: the garden of the former Girls’ Orphanage, at the beginning of corso Matteotti, which is open for cultural events, the green area in Palazzo Bettini and the historical 18th-century garden of Palazzo Pianetti, the only example left of the many Italian gardens the town had in the past.