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Events and Leisure

Palio di San Floriano
First weekend after the 4th of May
Historic centre

Historical re-enactment with 21 towns and villages of the Vallesina valley participating. With flag wavers in medieval costumes, bowmen's tournaments and taverns, a fascinating medieval atmosphere is recreated throughout the historic centre. On the 4th of May, the day dedicated to Saint Florian, the traditional "scampanellata" takes place: children wander around the historic centre ringing a small bell.

Jesi Estate
Mid June - mid September
Several places of the town

Series of events taking place from June to September in several places of the town. Music, cinema, shows, concerts and exhibitions alternate in a kaleidoscopic programme of notes and colours, fun and aggregation, promoting moments of encounter and interaction. For all tastes and all ages!

Monsano Folk Festival
International touring festival of original pop and folk revival music
First half of August
Jesi and several towns in the province of Ancona

Created at first in the village of Monsano, this international touring festival of original pop and revival folk music involves at present several towns of the Vallesina valley and the province of Ancona. Organised by the group named "La Macina" and by the Centro Tradizioni Popolari, this event promotes the encounter and exchange between original pop music by traditional song writers and several folk revival groups and interpreters.

Festival Pergolesi Spontini
First half of September
Jesi and several towns of the Vallesina valley

This Festival is a totally innovative project aiming to reconcile culture with entertainment in an interdisciplinary and international perspective, with the main goal to enhance and study the compositions by G. B. Pergolesi, the composer born in Jesi, and Gaspare Spontini, born in nearby Maiolati, as well as the works by the composers connected to them. Conceived as a touring festival, it takes place in locations of great artistic or scenic charm such as theatres, churches, villas, gardens, etc.

Fiera di San Settimio
From the 22nd to the 25th of September
Historic centre

With the season changing and the warm weather gone, here comes the Fiera di San Settimio, one of the renowned fairs in central Italy that has been taking place every year since 1304. On the night of September the 22th, in front of a solid crowd, the traditional charity bingo session takes place from the balcony of the Teatro Pergolesi.
The following days the streets and squares of the town centre are invaded by stalls. More than six hundred exhibitors of every kind come from every place to satisfy thousands of curious visitors who, according to an age-old tradition, meet in Jesi during the three-day long fair.
Successful combination of religion, business and healthy amusement, the Fiera di San Settimio is a long-awaited moment for the inhabitants of Jesi.

Opera Season
Teatro G.B. Pergolesi

Since 1968, when it received the prestigious recognition as a "Theatre of Tradition", the Teatro G.B. Pergolesi has been regularly organising its Opera Season of Tradition in Autumn.
This is an important cultural long-awaited moment for classical music lovers from all the Region and not only.

Theatre Season
Teatro G.B. Pergolesi and Teatro Studio V. Moriconi

Organised together with AMAT, the regional association for theatre culture, the Theatre Season offers every year a rich and diversified programme of events, and is complemented by the events of "Teatro Giovani", “Teatro Ragazzi”, “Concerti aperitivo del Carlino”, “Sberleffo” (amateur theatre in the vernacular) and the festival “Le strade del Jazz”.

Symphony Season
Teatro G.B. Pergolesi

The Symphony Season is organised in collaboration with FORM, the philharmonic orchestra of Marche. Every year it proposes a high quality music programme with world-famous musicians.

Christmas in Jesi
From 8th December to 6th January
Historic centre

Christmas festivities begin the weekend nearest to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Various concerts, performances and exhibits are held through the month. The festivities draw to a close on the Feast of the Epiphany, now celebrated as "Peace Day".