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Jesi for families
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Jesi for families

If you decide to visit Jesi with your family, you will find a lot of ideas to have fun, get to know the town and never get bored!

Educational activities

Pinacoteca Civica and Museo Diocesano - Ask for their special guides for enjoyable visits with your family.
Pinacoteca Civica - "Come you too to the museum with Yagù"
Museo Diocesano: the "Giocablocco" and "Furto a palazzo Ripanti"
Studio per le Arti della Stampa-SAS - Visit this museum of printing arts to get in touch with the world of printing through the contact with printing machines, tools and movable types
"Ripa Bianca" Nature Reserve - You can't miss miss an opportunity to observe herons and tortoises in Spring, while they eat or warm up in the sun

For further information, go to: Educational workshops

Parks with play areas

Near the historic centre play areas provided with recreational equipment are available:

- at the public gardens in viale Cavallotti;
- at the Parco del Ventaglio (entrance from via dei Ragazzi del ’99);
- at the Parco degli Orti Pace in via del Setificio
- at the Parco del Vallato (entrance from Via MUra Orientali) with an equipped area that can also be accessed by disabled children.

"Ripa Bianca" nature reserve.

For further information, go to Parks and gardens

Recreational places

Ludoteca Comunale "La Girandola"
Via San Giuseppe, 20 - Tel. 0731 213888 - Fax 0731 538488
At the municipal play centre children aged 6 and above can play both parlour games and movement games. Children under 6 years must be accompanied by a parent during their stay in the play centre. Workshops and parties are available by prior phone booking.
The play centre is closed in Summer as the activities take place in the green areas and squares of the town in the afternoons and evenings.

Biblioteca dei Ragazzi
Via San Giuseppe, 20 - Tel. 0731 213888 - Fax 0731 538488
Located in the same building as the play centre, this section of the municipal library is dedicated to children and young people aged from 0 to 14 years. It has got a rich and well-structured collection of books, a large 25-seat reading room and a section dedicated to very young children.

Teatro per ragazzi

In the '90s the "Teatro Pirata" was founded in Jesi. It is a nationally renowned company specialised in theatre workshops and plays for young people which organises several festivals and events all the year round:
- From November to April plays of "Teatro Ragazzi" and "Teatro Giovani" seasons are performed at the two theatres in Jesi and in other nearby theatres.
- In Summer, from June through August, Jesi and several villages of the Vallesina valley house “Ambarabà”, an international touring puppet theatre festival with shows characterised by different techniques such as puppets, marionettes, etc.

Restaurants with children's menus

Several restaurants in Jesi offer a special menu for children.


The Municipality of Jesi created a register of baby-sitters. The registered people attended a theoretical and practical 70-hour training course. The register is available for reference at the "Ufficio Prima Infanzia" of the Municipality of Jesi.
Information: tel. 0731 538426