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"Ripa Bianca" nature reserve

Gullies and heronry a short walk from the town

The "Ripa Bianca" Nature Reserve is a dream come true, the dream of some naturalists from Jesi who wished to protect and enhance one of the most important wet areas of the Marche region.
Placed at the entrance of the town, with the Esino river running through it, this reserve offers four different natural environments.

- The fluvial environment is found in a number of wet areas and in the riparian forest.
- The agricultural environment is represented by the educational area devoted to sustainable agriculture. This area is divided into patches representing the typical crops of the region and the agricultural biodiversity: the vineyard, the olive grove, the forgotten grains, the old orchard, the vegetable garden, the organic hen house and the officinal herbs.
- The lacustrine environment is definitely full of charm for it houses the most important heronry in the Marche region; herons can be easily observed from bird-watching posts.
- The gully environment is found on the right side of the Esino river and is formed by a succession of small valleys and ridges created by running water. The place name of "Ripa Bianca" (white bank) is derived from the typical light colour of these formations.

A place to discover nature
In the 319-hectare-wide reserve an area dedicated to Sergio Romagnoli, a naturalist from Jesi, was conceived to receive visitors and present the various environments.
Visitors are welcomed in a Nature Centre which offers a wide range of services. They can enter various educational areas and a specific fauna area created to protect an endangered species, the common tortoise. They can also walk along many theme-based paths, and in spring an summer they can reach a viewpoint placed on top of the gullies (Baden Powell path), after crossing the Esino river through a floating bridge. In the whole area educational and sensory panels explain the ecological characteristics of the ecosystems and present their flora and fauna species.

Budding naturalists
Every year the Centro di Esperienza Ambientale (Environment Experience Centre), also dedicated to Sergio Romagnoli, proposes a rich programme of educational paths for kindergarten and primary school children and first grade secondary school students. From guided tours to creative workshops, from in-room classes to classes in the nature, the choice of subjects and activities is wide and modules have different duration, with half or full day workshops as well as longer projects.  
The programme of the Centre is available at the Ripa Bianca reserve or can be downloaded from the its website.


Via Zanibelli, 2
Tel./Fax 0731 619213 - Mob. 334 6047703 -


January and February
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-13; 15-19
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-13; 15-17
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-13: 15-18
From the 1st of July to mid September the area is closed.
From half September
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-13; 15-19
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-13; 15-18
November and December
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: 9-12; 15-17.

Also open on:

25th April
1st of May
2nd of June
1st of November
8th of December

Groups: Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.
School groups: from Monday to Saturday.

Guided tours every Sundays: April, May and June. 4pm. No booking necessary. Ticket: € 4,00.